What is crypto currency

would you like to know more about crypto currency or dont you have a clue what it is in general and are you just currios? Then we have all information you need to start investing in crypto currencies and more information to increase your overal knowledge about technological development. what is crypto currency crypto currency is an internet based way of exchanging, that is based on cryptographics to express financial activities. crypto is an internet aquisition that is developed to make internet transations save and accesable so that the process goes as is required. cryptocurrencies use block chain technology to reach decentralisation. the most important factor about bitcoin is that it isnt controlled bij humans. crypto is theoretically seen as immun for the old school ways of goverments and other parties. crypto currency kan be send between two parties. by applying public and private elements. there are alot of different cryptocurrencies, from bitcoin to NEO, every curreny holds a different value. companies such as shell, wikipedia, microsoft and expedia and overstock accept bitcoin as a form of payment. they say that cryptocurrency is the future, tangle money will slowley dissapear and crypto shall take its place. this is because with online banking or online transactions there are different manners of frauding and the same is for paying in cash. paying with crypto is created to make such transactions saver. the worth of these currencies can fluctuate just like money that is tangable. the worth of crypto currencies can increase en decrease en that can be profitable or unprofitable for the exchangers. And this al is cryptocurrency exchange, investing in crypto can be very benefitial but this is only if you are known with the future status of crypto. globaly there are only 21 million bitcoins available, this is set like this so that the value of every bitcoin increases. as years pass there are more and more people that buy bitcoin and that means that the value shall increase due to it being so exclusive. then there is lite coin, lite coin is en currency that can be transfered and exchanged with in seconds. that is why it is called 'lite'' coin. bitcoin on the other hand takes up to ten min or more to be exchanged. exchanging bitcoins can be pricey thats why it is usually pointless to exchange low amounts of coins. riddle is a crypto currency and has cooperated with a variaty of goverments and banks. this is all is benefitial for riddle but can be risky for the currency holders. if they sell their coins to the bank the value of the coin will decrease and this might mean that they will lose the money they invested in the coin. crypto is not managed by people, crypto runs on a computer based software that is runned by several computers. every computer has a roll in the process. because there are so many computers that play a part in the process every computer checks if the process is processed correct if not the process is canceld. this is how they have prevented fraud.