What is bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a virtual currency that is created by Satoshi Nakamoto. At the moment Bitcoin is the biggest cryptocurrency on the market. It actually also was the first cryptocurrency, it was designed as a peer-to-peer paying system that can be used anywhere in the world.

With the growing amount of online transactions and the growing distrust against banks after the financial crisis from 2008 the demand for a new digital paying method has raised a lot. This paying method should exist straight next to the existing financial system.

Bitcoin was the answer on the demand of new digital paying methods.

Bitcoin and other coins

Bitcoin is the most known cryptocurrency in the world. Almost all other cryptocurrencies are almost the same as Bitcoin. The way it works is all the same. You can compare Ripple and Ether to Bitcoin.

How can you get bitcoins?

You can get bitcoins in a couple of ways:

  • You can accept bitcoins as a payment for services or goods.
  • You can mine bitcoins with cryptobots.
  • You can buy Bitcoins
  • You can accept payments in Bitcoin as salary.

Bitcoin was first designed to use as a payment method. There are a lot of companies that accept bitcoins as payment. You can also mine Bitcoins with cryptobots. Those cryptobots are buying and selling bitcoins at the right moment on the right time to make profit on your capital. A third way to get bitcoins is to buy them. But the price is very instable, so for example: today you can buy 1 bitcoin for $7000, but tomorrow you can buy a bitcoin for $7500. This is also a way to invest some good money in bitcoin. The fourth way is to accept payments in bitcoin as your monthly salary. Some companies are offer to pay you in Bitcoin for your monthly salary.